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Fear paralyzes us all. No one is alone in this. Everyone you know wants life to get better in some way and for most of them, it will never happen because they are deathly afraid of change. But it is their fear, not the change that blocks their ability to have what they want most in life. We are all afraid of life outside the box and yet what’s out there for you and all of us is the freedom to be you in a brand new way, the freedom to be richer, healthier, and happier. You have the power right now to choose the good life. You could have it right now, if you weren’t afraid of life outside your box! 

Our fears often keep us stuck, tangled in a web of negative thinking that is difficult to make sense of. We do have a way out of this, a method for producing clarity and helping the ego to learn a new way of Being. My next Call, "How to Make The Fear Go Away" will touch on it. Read the article below, and click on the image to be taken to the link.

FearGoAway July 2013

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Interview with Darel

Listen to Darel talk about his teachings, the BEING workshops, and his new book.



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