BEING God Workshop


This time of year comes every November, and many people remember to be grateful, but the real boon lies in remembering gratitude as a daily practice. In fact, it is not just to be embraced for joyful and fulfilling moments; it is also something we can extend in times of sorrow and pain. In our gratitude, we come to understand the expansion of our hearts and hands towards ourselves and others. We become more aware of what we already have and what our present realities hold for us. It is essential to be in the present moment with all that is in order to make any kind of transformation in our lives. We cannot have more of anything until we are truly grateful for all that we have now. It is something beyond the law of attraction that allows our hearts to be filled with this aspect of humankind, and we receive the fruits of our efforts from the grace that lovingly holds gratitude in its arms. Gratitude takes us beyond the grip of fear and into the realm where anything is possible. 

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Interview with Darel

Listen to Darel talk about his teachings, the BEING workshops, and his new book.



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