BEING God Workshop

My FREE Call Series Begins April 4th

You do not want to miss out on this next round of upcoming FREE calls! There will be some new topics, and we will be going deeper than ever before to ensure that your inner world is in alignment with your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that create your outer world. It's an exciting time to open ourselves up and welcome in renewel and rebirth- right in line with Spring. Please stay connected so you do not miss one single moment. I will be posting the free calls on my website, as well!



September 18 - Wednesday  -  How To Make The Fear Go Away

September 26 - Thursday, The Source Always Says "Yes"

October 2 - Wednesday, If You Care You're Screwed

October 10 - Thursday, How To Attract Money Like A Magnet



Call times: 7am PT / 10am ET / 17:00 in Turkey

Prosperity Consciousness

Here's a little excerpt from my book, To God or As God, that offers you a glimpse of the nature of prosperity consciousness. 

"Of course there is nothing wrong with spending money (that's what is is for). But if you ever want to BE rich, you must first aquire a prosperity consciousness. Being truly rich is NOT about spending or how much you have; it is about who you are in consciousness. A prosperity consciousness is nothng more complicated than feeling good about yourself when you are thinking about your relationship to money. When you are feeling prosperous you'll attract money like a magnet, and the more you have, the more prosperous you'll feel, and the more you will attrract. As that propserous feeling continues to grow, your income will grow."



Interview with Darel

Listen to Darel talk about his teachings, the BEING workshops, and his new book.



Complimentary Downloads


"To God or As God"


"Being The Solution"


"So, Why Aren't You Rich?"