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Uncovering Your Hidden Agenda

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One of the hardest things for people to realize is that people who are rich have CHOSEN to be rich and people who are poor, have chosen to be poor. At first, this sounds like an unfair statement, but if you examine the WHY behind it, you will discover it is true. Let me explain some more. Early on in life, you decided who you will be by choosing what to think, believe and how you would feel about money and those who have it in abundance. You chose, then, who you would be relative to money. Now you are reaping the fruits that just naturally belong with that way of BEING you in that relationship. If prosperity and wealth elude you, you may want to see this old choice as the reason. You already understand how making a BEING choice impacts your reality, so if you want to BE richer than you are now in some way – maybe healthier, wealthier or happier in your relationships, the results you want will manifest for you if you can step out of your old box and choose it. The Universe will deliver if you can find your way out of your current reality concept and choose to BE richer, healthier and happier- or whatever your goal may be.

But choosing to be richer may be more difficult than you’d expect, because your ego doesn’t want you changing who you’re BEING. In fact, when you try to make your life better, you’ll find some hidden agenda blocking any attempt to change your reality concept, and this is what I posted about earlier this week, in regard to resistance. You will want to find out your ego’s hidden agenda and look more closely at those childhood beliefs you are hanging onto in order to free yourself up to be the new YOU.

What Can You Expect After Making Your Being Choice?


So what can you expect after you make your BEING choice? A whole lot of resistance, that’s what. Our ego is designed to keep you in your box, so to speak. It wants to stay comfortable. Ever notice that tight feeling you get in your stomach when you are growing and changing, or making new decisions? That is fear taking the form of resistance in your body. The good news is that it is totally changeable. You can overcome your fear, ease the resistance, and therefore transform it. You have to be willing to EMBRACE the fear, first. That’s right, you have to make your biggest fear totally ok- no matter what your biggest fear is and you have to face the reality that it can happen. This doesn’t mean you have to wallow in the fear, it simply means you can choose to acknowledge it by allowing yourself to feel it deeply in your heart. Once you know it is a possibility, you can then release it and let it go. It is just that simple. In fact, it is the only way you are going to transform it. You have to go through it and allow it to overcome it. Spend some time getting to the root of your fear. Are you afraid to fail? Are you afraid you are not going to be good enough? Are you afraid to be alone? Whatever it is- feel it, face it, accept it, and release it. Then choose to be the person you are going to be to create the life you want, and celebrate the resistance, it means you have made a BEING choice!

What is a Being Choice?


We talk a lot about choosing who you want to “BE”, but what does this mean, exactly? The BEING choice is the first principle in manifesting whatever you desire. Many people are trapped in the “doing” aspect of the “Be, DO, HAVE” creative cycle, and they are wondering why they do not get results. When you are busy “doing” to “have” the results you want without the “being”, it is sort of like aiming an arrow and not choosing a direction. Who we choose to be has its roots in our values and our goals, but that is just the beginning.  When we make a BEING commitment about who we are going to BE, we set our minds and our hearts on thinking thoughts and viscerally feeling the way we are choosing.  We make a decision to already be(come) that person who is happy, loved, full of abundance in their life, etc. Whatever your new way of BEING is, that is what you focus on feeling and thinking about. You are going to have other feelings and emotions come up, and you get to acknowledge and accept them, but then you can keep reminding yourself who you are choosing to BE. It is a simple concept that yields big results and sets you up to intuitively know what you need to be “doing” to “have” what you want in your life. Of course there is more to say about this process, but you have to return to my blog to understand more about the “BE, DO, HAVE” way of living.



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