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How to Transform Your Fear


What do you think one of the biggest blocks is from reaching the goals in your life and the way you want to be? You are right, it is your FEAR. When you look more closely at the constructs of fear, how it affects the body and the story you tell yourself about it, you will realize that it is in your mind. The thing you actually fear is not a reality for you, and you are stuck in the stagnation of the fear and the projection of how you think it will affect your life. When you make it ok to embrace your fear and what it could mean in your life, you take the charge out of it and it shifts. You must look at the pain you think the fear of whatever it is you are afraid of will produce, and go into that with all of your being. When you make it ok to embrace the fear and the projected consequences, you then transform it, and you can move forward.


Are you Attached to the Outcome?


As an individualization of God, you already have the power within you to manifest anything you want in your life. What happens for most people is that they forget this fact and they begin to sink into fear about not having what they want in their life. It is easy to do in our modern world, which is filled with distractions and lots of messages that say you have to have x, y, z before you can be happy, healthy and wealth, but I know another secret. You actually cannot have anything you want, as long as you are obsessing about it and are attached to the outcome. Your neediness of what you want is in direct conflict of the fact that you already have the power to create what you want in your life. You are saying you do not believe in yourself when you behave like that. You are saying you do not trust in your own power of manifestation, and you reject who you are at the core, an individualization of God. When you can get in touch with your BEING power, and then take authentic action, you will have what you want. Only from detaching from the outcome can the source then bring it to you. It is that simple.


How Do We Become Rich?


Money is such a touchy subject, but you know what? It doesn't have to be. There is a fundamental spiritual law of nature that works so easily, many people overlook it. It works like this: When you are feeling rich, it supplies you with even more riches, but when you are feeling poor, it withdraws resources. Think about that. Doesn't it make sense? When you have an open, trusting, expansive relationship to money, it flows freely, but when you are worried, afraid, and constricted in fear about where it will come from or how you will get it, you actually keep it away from you. The Source is actually tuned into your attitude about money. So do you feel rich or poor? Allow yourself to see that your attitude about money is what is making you feel richer or poorer. Bringing awareness to this is the only way you can begin to change it. Here are a few questions to get you attuned to your inner attitude:

  • How do you feel when you're paying your bills?
  • Is your cash flow positive or negative?
  • Do you feel rich when you are making a pay check?
  • How do you feel about other people having wealth?

Notice what comes up for you when you ask yourself these questions. We like to blame outside circumstances for our lack in this area, but if you get honest about this and realize the feelings you have about money, you will begin to see where you are restricting the flow in your life and your wallet! The process of actually choosing to be rich begins with a vision. Visualize what your life would be like if you were already rich, get excited about it until you feel that you actually already are rich. In the moment you feel rich, you will be inspired to actually step out of your box and become rich.

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